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『アーカイブズ学研究』第10号目次«No.10 TOC»
アーカイブズ学研究 編集・発行 日本アーカイブズ学会
    第10号 2009年3月
特集 2008年度第1回研究集会〈デジタル情報技術が拓くアーカイブズの可能性〉
論 文
平野宗明         2
後藤真        24
岡本真        46
近藤靖之        48
東龍治        54
動 向
松崎裕子        60
古賀崇        72
安藤正人        78
中島康比古        88
書 評
高野修        96
清水邦俊       102
和田華子       107
学会活動記録 113
投稿規程/執筆要領/会則 117
編集後記 124
Journal of the Japan Society for Archival Science
    No. 10 March 2009
Special issue: JSAS, the First Semiannual Meeting of 2008
  On the Possibilities of Digital Information Technology Development in Archives
 Digital Archives : A view from the Japan Center for Asian Historical Records
Muneaki HIRANO         2
 Digitization and Archives : Through the conformations of ‘SOMODA’ and
  the Modern Historical Materials Database
Makoto GOTO         24
 Two responses to the presentations made by Hirano and Goto
1 Makoto OKAMOTO         46
2 Yasuyuki KONDO         48
 The Meeting
Ryuji HIGASHI         54
Research Trends
 Report on the 72nd SAA Annual Meeting in San Francisco,
  ARCHIVES 2008 : Archival R/Evolution and Identities
Yuko MATSUZAKI         60
 Report on the Congress of the International Council on Archives held in Kuala Lumpur in 2008,
  with emphasis on the Presentations
Takashi KOGA         72
 Report on the 4th International Conference on the History of Records and Archives(ICHORA4),
  Minority Reports : Indigenous and Community Voices in Archives
Masahito ANDO         78
 Figuring out archivists in the United States : A brief overview of the A*CENSUS
  conducted by the Society of American Archivists
Yasuhiko NAKAJIMA         88
Book Reviews
Osamu TAKANO        96
Kunitoshi SHIMIZU        102
Hanako WADA        107
Society notice113
Editorial Policy117
Editor's note124
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