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『アーカイブズ学研究』第26号要旨≪No.26 Abstracts≫
The Rules for Records Management and the Transfer of Documents in National University before the Information Disclosure Law —A case of the University of Tokyo—
(加藤諭 Satoshi KATO)
    本論文は、情報公開法以前における文書移管が、国立大学の文書管理規則上、如何なる制定過程を通じて規定されたのか、実証的に明らかにするものである。分析対象として取り上げる東京大学では、1988 年に国立大学としては最も早い事例として文書管理規則に東京大学史史料室への文書の移管が明記された。しかし、この文書移管の制度は十分に機能しなかった。その要因として、大学事務側で、移管についての具体的な手続きを定めることを避け続けてきたこと、大学アーカイブズの運営において、移管対象文書の評価選別を行わなかったことがあげられる。この結果、国立大学での文書移管は情報公開法以前においては、本格的に機能することはなかったのである。
    This paper provides an empirical description of the process of document transfer as prescribed by the rules for records management that were to be followed by national universities before the Information Disclosure Law was passed. In 1988, the University of Tokyo, the first national university, specified that the documents should be transferred to the History Office in the rules that were laid down for records management. However, this system of document transfer did not function properly because of two main reasons. The first is that the university’s secretariat kept avoiding the task of specifying appraisal procedures in detail. Second, the university archives in-charge did not appraise the transferred documents. As a result of this, the transfer of documents at the national university did not function efficiently before the Information Disclosure Law was passed.
Posner’s Tentative List of Archival Repositories and Accumulations of Records in Japan —Interactions with Warner’s List
(筒井弥生 Yayoi TSUTSUI)
    During World War , Ernst Posner who escaped Nazism to settle in the United States, worked eagerly to list archival repositories in areas affected by the war. Dr. Takahiro Sakaguchi has provided detailed descriptions of these lists, which include the“Archival Repositories in Japan, Korea, and Japanese-occupied China”in his recent book.“Tentative List of Archival Repositories and Accumulations of Records in Japan” was found among the Posner papers that were held in NARA . This paper introduces the tentative list comparing it with published lists and reports; it presents the status of these records in addition to their interactions with Warner’s list that designate cultural properties that were to be protected.
プリンタ出力用画面 友達に伝える
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