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『アーカイブズ学研究』第15号目次«No.15 TOC»
アーカイブズ学研究 編集・発行 日本アーカイブズ学会
    第15号 2011年11月
特集 日本アーカイブズ学会2011年度大会企画研究会報告
研究小委員会         2
八日市谷哲生         4
宮本聖二        16
笠羽晴夫        28
                                                          コメント 1
水谷長志        38
                                                          コメント 2
谷口知司        46
                                                          コメント 3
森本祥子        55
金慶南        62
森本祥子        90
松尾美里        98
平野泉       108
白井哲哉       114
児嶋ひろみ       122
大湾ゆかり       126
会告/投稿規程/執筆要領/会則 130
編集後記 138
Journal of the Japan Society for Archival Science
    No. 15 November 2011
Special Issue: JSAS annual Meeting 2011
Annual Research Meeting: The Expansion of .Digital Archive”and Archives
 Efforts in Digital Archiving at the National Archives of Japan
Tetsuo YOKAICHIYA          4
 Contents development in Internet-age public broadcasting: NHK War Testimony Archives
Seiji MIYAMOTO         16
 Fifteen Years of Digital Archives: Wherein lies the meaning?
Haruo KASABA         28
                                                                  Comment 1
Takeshi MIZUTANI         38
                                                                  Comment 2
Tomoji TANIGUCHI         46
                                                                  Comment 3
Sachiko MORIMOTO         55
 Colonial Korea and Imperial Japan: Structure, Imbalance and Characteristics in Surviving Public Records
Kyungnam KIM         62
Research Trends
 Report on the international symposium“The Value of Business Archives:Their Use by Japanese Companies and New Global Trends”
Sachiko MORIMOTO         90
Book Reviews
Misato MATSUO         98
Izumi HIRANO        108
Tetsuya SIRAI        114
Hiromi KOJIMAI        122
Yukari OWAN        126
Society notices130
Editorial Policy131
Editor's note138
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