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『アーカイブズ学研究』第14号要旨«No.14 Abstracts»
大学共同利用機関におけるアーカイブズの現状と課題 ―高エネルギー加速器研究機構を中心に―
The Current Status of and Challenges to the Archives of Interuniversity Research Institutions and the High Energy AcceleratorResearch Organization
(関本美知子 Michiko SEKIMOTO)
   This paper is a report on the status of the archives in KEK(the High Energy Ac celerator Research Organization)and at other inter-university institutions, and a discussion of common challenges facing such archives.
東京女子高等師範学校卒業生を対象としたオーラルヒストリー ―大学史資料としての可能性―
The Potentialities of Oral History as University Archives
(和田華子・芹澤良子 Hanako WADA・Yoshiko SERIZAWA)
   This article examines the possibilities of oral history resources taking a place among university archives. This would be achieved by means of introducing a program for the collectionand use of oral histories gathered from graduates of Tokyo Women’s Higher Normal School, the precursor of Ochanomizu University. The article first introduces collection methods, archival processing, access, utilization methods and characteristics as archives of oral history. Secondly, it argues the mutually complementary nature of oral histories of such graduates and university administrative records, and introduces an example of the use of oral histories in lectures on the history of Ochanomizu University. As a result, it is argued that oral history is one of the key components of university archives.
アーカイブズにおけるアウトリーチ活動論 ―大学アーカイブズを中心として―
Theory on Outreach Activities in Archives: Focusing on University Archives
(清水善仁 Yoshihito SHIMIZU)
   ‘Outreach’ in archives institutions means those activities which are directed toward bodies beyond such institutions, and aims at seeking recognition of archieves as a means of benefiting members of the community and society at large. It further means the introduction, promotion and use of valuable archival information. This article is structured as follows. First, I examine the types of outreach activity of university archives in the United States. Next, I establish the minimum-essence of outreach activities. Thereafter, I examine the current situation of and problems related to outreach activities conducted by university archives in Japan. Finally, I suggest that the cumulative unifying of theory and practice of outreach activities is essential.
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