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『アーカイブズ学研究』第12号要旨«No.12 Abstracts»
SSJ データアーカイブの現状と課題
The Current State of the Social Science Japan Data Archive and the Challenges It Faces
(佐藤博樹 Hiroki SATO)
  ミクロデータの収集・保存・提供の作業を行うデータアーカイブの役割について考察するとともに、SSJ データアーカイブの現状と課題について紹介する。
  This article examines the role of data archives, which collect, store and provide datasets. It also provides the current state of the SSJ Data Archive and the challenges it faces.
Archives for Science: Research Records and Accountability
(高岩義信 Yoshinobu TAKAIWA)
  It is said that archives generated by scientific research are important for the accountability in scientific research, and the implications of that are considered in this paper. The characteristics of scientific research records are explained in the context of the situations which they are created. Then, the issues arising from the handling of observational and experimental data as archival materials are also discussed, and the cases are presented in which the research records were used in the investigation of some alleged perpetrators of fraud in the process of research.
プリンタ出力用画面 友達に伝える
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