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『アーカイブズ学研究』第9号目次«No.9 TOC»
アーカイブズ学研究 編集・発行 日本アーカイブズ学会
    第9号 2008年11月
特集 2008年度大会
石井米雄           2
保坂裕興          10
高橋実          12
森本祥子          35
古賀崇          55
論 文
尾崎泰弘          60
動 向
藤吉圭二         84
書 評
中野美智子        92
定兼学        98
会告 104
投稿規程 108
編集後記 111
Journal of the Japan Society for Archival Science
    No. 9 November 2008
Special issue: JSAS annual meeting 2008
 Archives and History
Yoneo ISHII         2
Annual research meeting: Towards the establishment of a professional qualification system for archivists
 From the coordinator
Hirooki HOSAKA         10
 The development of debate on how to qualify archivists and proposals for a qualification system
Minoru TAKAHASHI         12
 What is a suitable archival education and professional qualification system for Japanese society?:A proposal
Sachiko MORIMOTO         35
 Summary of discussion at the symposium of 2008 JSAS conference
Takashi KOGA         55
 Mounted photographs as sources for local history: A study towards establishing photograph analysis within history and archives
Yasuhiro OZAKI         60
Research Trend
 The 38th World Congress of International Institute of Sociology: Archives from sociological viewpoint: A report
Keiji FUJIYOSHI        84
Book Review
Michiko NAKANO        92
Manabu SADAKANE        98
Society notice104
Journal of the Japan Society for Archival Science : Editorial Policy108
Editor's note111
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