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『アーカイブズ学研究』第18号要旨«No.18 Abstracts»
A History of Medicine, Medical Care Studies and Historical Document: A Case Study of Hansen’s Disease
(芹澤良子 Yoshiko SERIZAWA)
   Historical materials about medicine and medical care include official historical documents and private documents. The official documents and private documents have different characteristics, as follows, and therefore exhibition situations also differ. Official documents include historical and legal documents of the administration of a medical facility, such as the former and public hospital, the sanatorium. Personal documents include personal information, such as personal test results and experimental data. The historical materials that I used when I studied the Hansen’s Disease policy shaped this report’s attention to the directionality of the history of medicine, medical care studies and the relation of historical documents.
Case Histories of a Psychiatric Hospital in Tokyo, in Pre-war Showa
(鈴木晃仁 Akihito SUZUKI)
   この小論は、精神病院の〈症例誌〉を紹介し、これまで日本の歴史学者・アーカイブズ学者によって用いられてこなかったジャンルの史料について、その特徴と利用の可能性に触れる。具体的に取り上げられるのは、東京の小峰研究所が所蔵する王子脳病院(1901-1945)のアーカイブズであり、その中でも個々の患者の症例誌(case history)を分析の中心とする。症例誌がこれまで医学史研究において利用され、その分析がヒストリオグラフィを大きく転換させてきたのは英米を中心とする地域を対象としたものであるため、そこで発展した二つの研究手法、すなわち患者のデモグラフィーを明らかにする量的な研究と、治療と権力の関係を分析する質的な研究を紹介し、王子脳病院のアーカイブズを用いて、それらの方法を用いた結果を試験的に提示する。
   This article introduces“case histories”of psychiatric hospitals, a genre of resources that has not been utilized in Japan by historians of psychiatry. The features of this genre of material and the possible ways of its use will be discussed. The archives of Ohji Brain Hospital(1901-1945),now housed at the Komine Institute in Tokyo, will be the particular focus of this work, and from its diverse materials, the case histories of individual patients will be analyzed. Thus far, case histories have been mainly exploited in Anglo-American psychiatry history, and this new type of material has transformed Anglo-American historiographies. Therefore, this paper presents the results of applying the two new major research methodologies that have developed in Britain and North America, namely the quantitative analysis of the demography of the patients and the qualitative examination of the power of the therapeutics given in the hospital.
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